How to get raccoons out of the chimney

Raccoons are very stubborn animals and they are likely to visit your chimney during spring and winter. In spring, you may be visited by the mother raccoon whose main intention is to give birth and to safely raise her young ones. Raccoons always find their way into the attic via small openings it is therefore important to ensure that you always examine the condition of your walls from time to time and repairing them in order to prevent these irritating visitors.

If by bad luck your raccoon is already occupied by raccoons, you have to come up with the most appropriate techniques that will safely drive them away. One thing to always keep in mind is that you should never use smoke or fire to get raccoons out of the chimney because you will kill them especially if there are young ones who aren’t mature enough to take care of themselves.

You have to be positive that your chimney is occupied by raccoons before you can employ any technique that is likely to drive them away. You can do this by shining light into the chimney and you will be able to ascertain their existence. If there are raccoons in the chimney then, there are several things that you can do in order to safely remove them from the chimney, you can use odor deterrents, you can use traps, you can scare them away using loud electronic sounds.

Odor deterrents
Odor deterrents are not permanent solutions but you can use them to get rid of raccoons from your chimney. You can therefore use eviction fluid that is likely to drive them away very fast or you can predator urine. Predator urine is a natural deterrent and it is also cheap to acquire. For them to be effective, you have to ensure that the deterrents still have their odor. When the odor fades away, chances of removing the raccoons from the chimney will be very minimal.

Use traps
Traps are one of the effective techniques that you can use when removing raccoons. The cage trap for instance is designed in such a way that the raccoons can have easy entry but impossible exit. These traps can therefore be placed at the entry point of the chimney. You also have to come up with two types of traps; one to capture the mother and the other to capture the young ones. When you have captured the raccoons you have to safely release them and avoid killing them. You can then embark into repairing the damage that the animals have caused in the chimney and you also have to ensure that you block any openings to prevent them from revisiting your chimney once more. The second option is to contact the professionals who will ensure that the evacuation is done safely and faster!

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