Will repellents get a wild animal out of the chimney?

The answer to that question will depend on why the animal is in the chimney, if it is there to nest then yes, it can be chased out of the chimney but if it is in the chimney by accident then it probably can't get out anyway or it would've done so already, makes sense. There is also the question of what kind of repellent you are going to use, considering that the only two species that seem to like chimneys as homes are bats and raccoons.

Bats are a highly protected species, all of them, so actually attempting to even chase them away could be considered illegal, also they are migratory animal so all you have to do is wait for them to leave and then seal up the chimney with a cap, but remember the cap should be installed by a professional and should have holes smaller than a half-inch to prevent any bats from returning and if the chimney is brick also check the mortar for holes and fix them too. Using a repellent on bats and raccoons could also have bad consequences if the animals panic and bite you or one of your family, remember bats and raccoons can carry rabies.

It is rare but you may occasionally if it is the right type of chimney get a squirrel moving in, this squirrel would most definitely be a pregnant female looking for a place to nest and have her babies. Generally squirrels will only nest in a chimney they can climb out of easily, and they will build a nest near the top of the chimney, squirrel nests that have been let go for many years have been found that are 15 feet deep into the chimney but a new one will only be two or three feet. You can tell if it is a squirrel that just fell down the hole because it will make a lot of frantic scratching noises trying to get out, lower a rope down the chimney and allow the animal to use it to climb out.

If this squirrel is setting up the nest then you'll only hear the noise during daylight hours until of course the babies are old enough to start playing, then the noise level escalates dramatically but again only during the day. The best way to get rid of a pregnant female is put a cap on your chimney with a one-way door in it, she leaves and can't get back in, problem solved.

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