Skunk Removal in Denver

We don't kill skunks. We humanely trap and remove them. Whether they are living under your shed, porch, or deck, or if they're digging up your yard, we can quickly and safely trap and remove them from your property.

How to Kill a Skunk - They may look cute and furry, but everyone knows that a skunk is the ultimate practical joke of God. Here these cute little animals look a lot like adorable cats that you would love to go up to and pet, but when you do – BAM!!! They spray you with the most obnoxious smelling liquid the world has ever smelt. You find yourself stinking for weeks, and there seems like there is no end in sight to the punishment they have inflicted on you. It is a mark left on your soul that you will not soon forget.

If you have had a skunk on your property, then you may have had this experience. They are horrific creatures that leave a wake, or should I say odor of disaster everywhere they go. Because they know that most animals are afraid of them, especially humans, these critters walk around with an extreme arrogance that would make Narcissists proud.

If they are on your property you surely need to get rid of them. It is not just their smell that is a danger to you. Skunks carry many diseases and parasites, including rabies, and these can be hazardous to you, your family and your pets. You simply have to keep these animals away from your home.

Maybe you have tried several things and have had no success. Repellants, traps and the like have done nothing to keep these horrible beasts away and so you are desperate now. You have decided to resort to flat out murder of the beasts. No need to feel guilty – no one will feel a loss if there is one less skunk around.

The problem with killing a Denver skunk is that there natural inclination as a “revenge is a dish best served cold” or at least “best sprayed cold” is to release the liquid from their anal glands as they die. It is why when a Denver skunk is hit by a car one of its last gestures is to leave its odor all over the road for every passerby to get to roll over and carry with them for miles. What an enjoyable experience, isn’t it? It is out of this concern that your move needs to be quick and decisive. If you are looking to make your kill then here is your plan.

There are really only two ways you can effectively kill the skunk and keep them from spraying. Many believe that it is shooting them, but there are two problems with this. First of all, the sound may startle them and cause them to spray instinctively. That would be bad. Also, they may not die right away, which means they will have time to release the beast as it were. That will not do either.

So that leaves our other option. The best one of these is poison. You put the poison on something that they are bound to eat and they will gobble it up. Moments or hours later, depending upon how much you put on, they are dead and your problem is solved. Dead skunk and your home is safe once again.

This is an absolutely quick and easy solution, the problem with this option is related to other animals, especially your own pets. The same things that attract the skunk will attract other animals. Your own pets may go and try to nourish themselves on the morsels you left for the skunk only to find themselves poisoned and dying at your doorstep. You clearly don’t want that.

If you are going to use poisons you need to make sure that the skunk is the only animal that can have access to it. Keep your pets away, maybe even inside for a time until you are sure your skunk problem is gone. You will also want to resupply this food every day or so. Other animals, like birds, may eat the poisoned food, leaving none for the skunk. Make sure there are adequate “treats” for you enemy.

Your other option is the use of a trap. There are many traps that are designed to kill the skunk in one quick blow. The Denver skunk comes upon the bait you have put in place and BAM!!! They get trapped in the trap. The jaws come down onto them quickly and they are snapped dead before there is any time to react. This does not give them time to even begin the spraying process, is the death is so quick that the muscles lock in place, keeping the liquid hell in the glands. It is a quick death.

This has the same concerns that you would have for other animals. The bait may lure your dog or cat and kill them, and you don’t want this to happen. Make sure they stay away from the areas that the trap is planted. Or use our Denver skunk removal services.

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