Squirrel Removal from the Attic

To remove squirrels in the attic, we identify their entry holes, mount traps directly on these holes, and catch all the squirrels as they come out. Once they are all out, we repair the entry holes with professional-grade repairs, and guarantee.

Squirrel Repellent - If you have a lot of squirrels around your home then it is likely that they are causing a lot of problems for you. They can be messy and loud, plus they love to get into things and make a lot of trouble and hassle for you. While you may think they are cute, the cuteness wears off after they have knocked over your bird feeder for the fiftieth time or torn a hole in your siding. Suddenly they are not cute anymore.

The solution to your squirrel problem, short of poisoning them, may be to use a repellant to get rid of them. This sounds like a sound solution, but a frank evaluation of this solution is needed to help you understand the benefits and limitations of trying this option.

Repellants have some benefits. Squirrels in the attic do not like the chemicals that are in the repellant, and they act as a quality deterrent to keeping the squirrels away. What is also good is that they pose no risk to your pets so you don’t have to worry about harming your own animals to try to scare away the squirrel. It sounds like a win-win for sure.

The problem with these repellants is that there are some limitations to them. First of all, they can only be used within a certain range. Let’s say that you put some on the ground, that will keep them from hopping onto your property, but squirrels also climb on trees and telephone wires and they can gain access to your property through other means. Ground repellant will not help you in this situation.

There are special spray repellants you can employ that will assist with this problem. These sprayers will allow you to reach 20-25 feet into the air so get tall trees, your roof, wires, and cables. This should limit the access points to the squirrels and can rid your home of these critters.

There are limitation to this as well. When rain comes the chemicals usefulness erodes and you are forced to spray on a regular basis to keep them away. This can be costly in continually buying the repellant and renting the sprayer. This may make your costs to keep them away more cost prohibitive than the troubles the squirrels cost.

This can be aggravating, and there is no doubt that you do not want to lose out to a little rodent. You want these things beaten, and you are ready to go to war to protect your property. So what can you do to keep these animals off of your property?

The best solution may be to lure them in to get them to go away. I know that sounds like fortune cookie logic, but let’s examine the wisdom of this. You want the Denver squirrel in the attic to find that your hospitality is not what they wish for. This means that what they find on your property must not be worth coming after. You see, if you put out repellant but there is a great bird feeder to find grub in or you have a particularly appetizing garbage can they will keep trying to figure out a way to get to your home. There is simply too good a take to ignore.

Think of the Denver squirrel as a bank robber. He is seeing the big payday and will stop at nothing to get what he is looking for. This means you have to sour the milk so to speak.

Here is how you accomplish this. Go and buy some tabasco sauce, a really hot brand, and mix it together with the juice of jalapeno peppers and some water. Now go to a spot you know that the squirrels are prone to come and check for food. Spray that spot with the mixture and wait for them to come. I assure you that all it will take is a couple of visits and they will not be back.

You see, once they taste that mixture their tongues will start burning, and they will sour on coming to your home really quickly. You will find your house off the parade of homes tour for squirrels and they will look for food somewhere else. Soon it will not just be the taste of the stuff, but they will smell the tabasco sauce and go running.

You see, squirrels in the attic are hoarders. They take the food they get and store it to eat later. Think about the squirrel trying to carry some seeds that are covered with hot sauce in its mouth for 100 yards or more. His tongue will be burning by the time he reaches the den. He may try to return one more time, but that will be just too much agony for it to bear, and you will have rid yourself of that pesky squirrel. All the come will encounter the same fate, and your problem will be resolved.

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